Principal's Message :

           To provide Holistic and Progressive education, in tune with the latest developments in education, in order to create multifaceted citizens with high cultural and moral values as well as honed thinking skills, good communicative abilities and high-esteem.

           It is the need of the time and age that we keep pace and at the same time do not lose ourselves in the present day global scenario. We must ensure that the child retains her identity. This will not be possible without the parent's co-operation. Though high academic excellence is undoubtedly our Endeavour, our goal is also the development of a child's total personality. Discipline, character, self confidence, alertness, independent thought and decisiveness are some important traits we try to inculcate as part of the personality.

           We are convinced that your ward is destined to become a good and upright human. With the outside negative influences of the cable T.V. and other influences, it becomes all the more important that as parents you support, encourage and monitor the child's activities to develop qualities clustered around the personal, social, moral, national and spiritual values that make a person humane and socially effective. The management, School and Parents are partners and stake holders in this Endeavour.

           Let us all make collective efforts to help the child to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding to face the challenges of contemporary society and learn the art of living a confident and stress free life.