Accommodation Details:- :

aClass Room (20x20) (20x24)26
bLaboratory (20x24)04
dStaff Room2
eStore Room01
fMusic Room (20x20)01
gComputer Room (20x24)01
hMath Lab.(20x20)01
iPrincipal Room (20x24)01
jOffice (14x20)01
kVacant Room (20 x 20)04

SR.Total Area 2.27 Acres( 9216.5 Sq mt)
aCovered Building Area24148.5 Sq ft (2241.54 Sq mt)
bGround Floor8049.5Sq ft (747.18 Sq mt)
c1st Floor8049.5Sq ft (747.18 Sq mt)
d2nd Floor8049.5Sq ft (747.18 Sq mt)
ePlay Ground69966Sq ft( 6500 sq mt)
eGarden Area650 Sq ft (60.386473Sq mt)
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